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We offer online training, accountability, and support to help people with mental disorders improve their physical and mental health through the science of habit formation.

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You are made up of a collection of your habits. In fact, more than 40 percent of the actions people performed each day weren’t actual decisions, but habits.

If you aren’t thrilled with how you look in the mirror, and how you feel on day to day bases, examine the collection of habits that have resulted in your appearance, and state of your mind – hundreds upon hundreds of actions have drilled these behaviors into your body and mind.

Unfortunately, very few people realize that building a new habit/ breaking an old one is very easy !

Every time you complete an action, a little bit less willpower and brainpower is required to make the same decision. Eventually, these actions become automatic, and no brainpower is necessary.


The key to changing your habits is ... taking MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTIONS !

Most people diagnosed with mental disorders believe that talking about their problems is the way to improve their mental state. 

I believe that while talking about mental health is important, NO AMOUNT OF TALKING WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL...

Having spent countless hours reading, and learning about mental health, and self development, the most important lesson I've learned is :

Energy is an essential ingredient of life. We all need high levels of energy to deal with daily challenges, big and small.

You need to get out of your own head and do things, especially things that scare you, in order to get your energy up. Studies show that people retain more and are more emotionally engaged when they’re physically engaged.

And that's why, unlike all other courses, and training, we first focus on fitness/active lifestyle.

But I also know that most people with mental disorders find it hard enough to motivate themselves to exercise. It's especially hard when you don't know where to start, and what EXACTLY to do...

Even when you try to eat right, and exercise on a daily basis, it's not easy to stay consistent, and I firmly believe that CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS

That's why, not only do I create a detailed, step by step fitness action plan for my clients, but, by providing every day support, and accountability , I ensure they  stay focused, and consistent !

Here's How Long It Takes to Break a Habit, And Build A New One ( According to Science )

There’s no shortage of apps out there designed to help you form a habit, and many of those are built on the assumption that all you need is 21 days. This number comes from a widely popular 1960 book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon who noticed his patients seemed to take about 21 days to get used to their new faces.
However, according to a 2009 study, the time it takes to form a habit really isn’t that clear-cut. Researchers from University College London examined the new habits of 96 people over the space of 12 weeks, and found that the average time it takes for a new habit to stick is actually 66 days; furthermore, individual times varied from 18 to a whopping 254 days.

The take-away message here is that if you want to develop a new behaviour, it will take at least two months, and you shouldn’t despair if three weeks doesn’t do the trick - for most people that’s simply not enough. Stick with it for longer, and you’ll end up with a habit you can keep without thinking. ( credit - sciencealert.com )
So, if you're truly committed to improving your physical and mental health, feel free to email me to be added to our Facebook group to share your day to day achievements, and progress, connect with like-minded people, and live a happy, healthy, and adventurous life !!